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From software developer to real estate agent

You're wondering how that's possible? With a lot of commitment and passion for one' s work.
Igor Dapunt attends the Max Valier Technical High School in Bolzano, with a specialization in computer science. After successfully taking his high school diploma exam, his first professional experience took him to the provincial administration, where he programmed software solutions.
He soon dared to jump into the private sector working for an IT company as a software and hardware specialist. The dream of his own company grows and becomes reality in 2006 when Igor Dapunt opens the first Apple Premium Reseller Store in Bolzano.
Three more will follow in the Trentino Alto Adige region. A Master in administration gives him the necessary skills to take care of all the tasks of an owner, from strategic planning to marketing and personnel management. Taking the advice of many friends, Igor decides to launch himself into the real estate market in Bolzano in 2013.

He founded the IGOR DAPUNT REAL ESTATE SAS and in 2014 he enriches his offer with the online business. Today among his clients are property owners from all over the country and those who want to become one.
In 2019 he passed the property manager's exam.

His most appreciated qualities are his ability to combine flexibility with punctuality, problem-solving, as well as his talent for logical and abstract thinking - all of which are fundamental qualities for successful real estate transactions.




TEL. +39 0471 324928

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Everything's under control.

Would you like to receive advice on the purchase or sale of real estate in Bolzano and surroundings? Take the phone: Stefanie's friendly voice will answer and she will be happy to schedule an appointment for you. Born in Bolzano, she has been part of the team since 2019 and works as an assistant to real estate broker Igor Dapunt. She knows his agenda perfectly and coordinates all the meetings at the head office and the appointments for visiting the properties.

Communication is ensured in German and Italian as Stefanie is perfectly bilingual. She is also fluent in English and French. Her second passion is music: she plays the piano. She is passionate about various sports. Determined, committed and responsible, she manages the daily life of IGOR DAPUNT REAL ESTATE SAS.




TEL. +39 0471 324928

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Around the world - and back

From technician to salesman, from the trendy bar in Berlin to the real estate agency in Bolzano and around the world in 90 days. For Giovanni, the youngest member of the IGOR DAPUNT REAL ESTATE SAS team, courage is the key to success. Born in Naples, he graduated from high school in Bolzano and soon afterwards took his first steps into the business world. His open and independent character opened up many doors for him, including one that took him to Berlin for two years. There he improved his German skills, which he now uses as a certified real estate agent in his dealings with interested parties. Go ahead and ask him what he enjoyed most about his 90-day trip around the world!