Igor Dapunt Real Estate


More real estate. More performance. More emotion.

We provide the best services in real estate brokerage. Favorite locations in South Tyrol and on Lake Garda are our claim. Sensitivity and a feeling for the expectations of our clients distinguish us.

Our values:

- Commitment
- At eye level
- Empathy

We are committed to achieving our clients' goals, without ifs and buts - whether they are sellers or buyers of real estate. We communicate at eye level and leave no stone unturned to ensure a successful outcome. The dialogue between us and our clients is not based on technical jargon, but on plain language. They can rely on our high level of professional and social competence. We listen, ask questions and respond to our partners' wishes and ideas with understanding and empathy. For us, real estate brokering is much more than just the mere intermediation of walls. With this activity we help people make their dreams come true. Change lives. Create new realities.

"It gives me the greatest satisfaction when I have been able to successfully broker a property entrusted to me. For me the highest of feelings. More emotion is impossible."

Igor Dapunt, proprietor