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Information note pursuant to Art. 13 of Legislative Decree No. 196 of 30 June 2003 on the protection of personal data and Art. 13 of Regulation (EU) No. 679/2016 - Basic Regulation on Data Protection („BRODP")

For preventive reasons, our estate agent will inform you about the use of your data as well as your rights in accordance with the above regulation and its effects:


The person responsible for data protection is IGOR DAPUNT REAL ESTATE KG with legal seat in BOLZANO, address LEONARDO DA VINCI STR. 16. The entity responsible for data processing with the respective areas of responsibility is IGOR DAPUNT REAL ESTATE KG with its legal seat in BOZEN, address LEONARDO DA VINCI STR. 16.


The data of the concerned subject will be used according to the nature and purpose of the mediation activity. It concerns contact details (address, telephone number, mobile phone number, fax, e-mail), real estate details, financial situation, cadastral excerpts, composition of the budget.


Personal data is collected directly from the concerned subject and processed by staff and employees using information technology, telematics to enable real estate mediation, services and similarly agreed contracts, as well as to assess potential risks and dangers.

Your data are necessary for the fullfilment of the order and the legal obligations and may also be transmitted by third parties (e.g. anti-money laundering regulations).

Your data will be processed for the purpose of fulfilling legal obligations, regulations and common rules, as well as regulations, guidelines and instructions of the authorities and supervisory bodies. The processing of personal data does not require the consent of the data subjects.

Further processing in the sense of fulfilling the contract for the purpose of the commercial activities of your property in forms requiring consent, such as photos, placement and electronic dispatch of advertisements, only takes place on the basis of an additional voluntary consent of the client.

Your electronic contact details may be used for commercial purposes and communications in accordance with article 130 paragraph 4 of Legislative Decree 196/2003. The client has the right to revoke his consent at any time. The main activity of the real estate agent is not affected by the revocation. 


Your data will be processed by our administrative staff and our external clients, whose list can be found at the legal domicile of the agency. Data will only be passed on to service providers such as IT services, outsourcing services, consultants and freelancers, insurance companies, debt collection companies, typical economic recipients such as banks, tax consultants, lawyers, trade unions, etc. on the basis of legislation or in agreement with the client, whose list can be found at the legal domicile of the agency.

Furthermore, your data will be processed by technical freelancers in order to verify the data of your property in the cadastre or other offices.


Some of your data may also be transferred outside the European Economic Area. The marketing authorization holder affirms that the processing of the data stored both on paper and electronically will be carried out in accordance with the applicable regulations.  The transfer of the personal data, on which this decision is based, applies both to the adequacy decision and to the standard model clauses developed by the European Commission. Further information and a copy of this clause can be obtained from the responsible person.


The processing of all personal data should be carried out in accordance with general principles of relevance, proportionality and efficiency and through the use of digital and telematic technologies to achieve the specific mentioned objectives.

Such personal data may not be retained for longer than is necessary solely for the achievement of those specific purposes. Data whose retention is no longer necessary must be erased or transformed into anonymous form. It should be noted that the information systems used to manage the information collected are already configured initially in order to minimize the use of personal data.


Every concerned subject should therefore have a right to know, in accordance with Art. 7 and Art. 15 BRODP: 

Of the existence of personal data even if not yet recorded;
a) the origin of the data; b) the purposes and modalities of the data processing; c) the logic of the automatic processing of personal data; d) who the recipients of the personal data are in accordance with Art. 5, Para. 2 with regard to the protection of privacy and Art. 3, Para. 1, BRODP; e) to which persons or categories of employees than within the territory of the State, the personal data may be entrusted;
a) The data controller also guarantees the concerned subject the right to: a) obtain the updating, rectification and integration of data; b) delete or block data the processing of which does not comply with the provisions of the applicable data protection legislation, such as when this data are incomplete or inaccurate, and such data which are used exclusively for their intended purpose; (c) the fact that the activities referred to in points (a) and (b) have been brought to the knowledge of third parties, including with regard to their content, in such a way that details of personal or material circumstances can no longer be attributed, or can only be attributed with a disproportionate amount of time, expense and effort, to an identified or identifiable natural person;
The data subject has the right to object: a) for legitimate reasons, to the processing of personal data relating to the use of telephone communication systems with automatic machines or telefax machines or by e-mail, for the only purpose of direct sales or market research activities for which he/she has given his/her prior consent.
The concerned subject also has the right, insofar as they are applicable, in accordance with Art. 16 - 21 BRODP (right of reply, right of oblivion, right of limited processing of data, right of data transfer, right of opposition), both the right of complaint to the supervisory authority.

In order to exercise the above rights, you may at any time contact the person responsible for processing personal data. Your declaration of cancellation should be addressed to IGOR DAPUNT REAL ESTATE KG: +39 0471 324928 - info@igordapunt.com